Proofreading check list

Whether you’re proofreading on your own or you have someone else doing it for you, make sure you have a plan. This checklist is a basic checklist for web blogs and web content. Feel free to copy it and customize it based on the exact type of content you’re proofreading.

Note: You won’t just proofread once and be done. Your draft will have to be read a few times to make sure everything is correct. Remember, this is the last step before hitting “publish,” so take your time and be thorough.

Pro tip: Print out the piece of content you’re proofreading and read it out loud. You’re less likely to skip over words and punctuation when the content is printed out than when it’s on a screen. Reading out loud forces you to catch more mistakes since your brain has to slow down in order for you to speak.

Proofreading Checklist:

  • Check for spelling errors
  • Check for grammar errors
    • Check for run-on sentences
    • Check for sentence fragments
    • Make sure commas are all in the correct places and used consistently
    • Make sure apostrophes are used correctly and in their proper places
  • Check all headers and sub-headers for correct spelling
  • Check formatting
  • Check font size for consistency
  • Check punctuation
    • Make sure quotation marks aren’t accidentally doubled
    • Make sure commas are inside quotation marks
    • Make sure every sentence ends with a period