Project Types

We have experience working with a wide range of writing projects. Here are some examples. Contact us today to set up your free consultation and get a more accurate quote for your entire project.

30-minute consultation call: Free

  • The consultation call is to help us understand the scope of your project and figure out what services you need to push it to completion.
  • We’ll send you a quote for our services within 5 business days of your consultation call.
  • You are under no obligation to hire us once you receive your quote.

Writing articles and web content

  • We will be your website writer, providing quality content that matches your tone and voice and speaks directly to your audience.
  • SEO research will be charged additionally and included in the total price of your project.
  • Articles or blog posts that require SEO or other research will take longer to write. Price will be rolled into your total package amount.

SEO research:

  • We will use our SEO tools to determine which keywords to optimize.
  • We will track your website in Google Analytics and make suggestions based on traffic patterns.
  • Our SEO research can be used to direct your content strategy.

Additional research:

  • We can do primary research (e.g. talking to industry experts) and secondary research (e.g. researching academic, medical and online articles) for your website
  • We can use the research to create content, which is priced separately.
  • If you need well-researched website content, we’ll create a package that combines writing and research.

Editing work 

Developmental editing

Projects: Book and e-book development; content strategy; website development

  • Developmental editing helps you develop your book or large project from your initial idea to completion. This can include taking your book from an idea to a published book. It also includes developing a content strategy for your website.
  • We work with you directly and study your competition to make sure you provide the best material for your audience while standing out from the crowd.

Copy editing:

Projects: Books; e-books; website content; blog posts

  • Copy editors check for grammar and syntax errors. They ensure your tone and voice are consistent across articles (on a website) or throughout your manuscript (book).
  • Copy editors fact-check and perform research, when necessary, to ensure accuracy across all written content.